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'...bold, non-natural stylistic choices that transcended the audience beyond the walls of the theatre, creating a piece to start a conversation, with true purpose and heart to back it up.'
The Dialog 

'Xanthe Beesley's stylish movement direction creates satisfying moments of synchronised gesture, wild dancing and ensemble choreography.'
The Conversation 

'The execution of the performance is a mere miracle with excellent movement direction by Xanthe Beesley'
Weekend Notes

'There is a charming bombast to many of the show's ensemble scenes, particular in dance sequences choreographed by Xanthe Beesley and performed with infections energy by a cast of exceptional physical performers'

'Movement consultant Xanthe Beesley’s clever direction uses these moments between words to keep the weight of the circumstances alive within the bodies of the performers. In this way, the play reminds us of the importance of these stories and conversations beyond the theatre foyer, as it is often what is left unsaid that speaks the loudest.' 

 'The dialogue revels in lengthy pauses, which director Petra Kalive, in close collaboration with movement director Xanthe Beesley, weave into a pacy, breathless show. Every word, every gesture, every second counts.'
The Sydney Morning Herald 

'...precise and evocative' 
Theatre Now 

'…it’s often what’s not said that packs a punch'  
Arts Hub 

'...meticulously crafted, demonstrating a great sense of focus and poise'  
The Age 

'Xanthe Beesley’s work as Movement Director brings a high-octane energy and dynamic piece to the stage'

'The overall movement design is fabulous'.
The Plus Ones

'...a superlative job of using body language to help paint the picture of what goes on'


'Kudos to movement director Xanthe Beesley for coordinating the actors’ bodies so the audience can vicariously feel the sheer physicality of scaling the Andes... It’s thrilling stuff.'
Arts Hub 

'The cast are admirably physical'
The Guardian 

'Movement director Xanthe Beesley really struts her stuff here. An amazingly sustained, blow-by-blow portrayal of the climb and descent convinces, inch by inch and breath by laboured breath, that these two men are at the very limits of physical endurance.'
The Age

'...a journey of the frighteningly real realities of mountain climbing in edge of your seat action.'  
Australian Stage 

'Captivating, disturbing and piercingly relevant... Highly polished, tightly weaving between the different timelines with ease... A masterful use of space...'
The Dialog

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